A Love Letter to My Headphones

by Katie Moses

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This is a draft of a short collection of short stories associated with songs. Most of my life has been ruled by music, it's something that has been a staple in all of my relationships and really grounded me in plenty of scenarios. According to Spotify tracking apps, I tend to rack up around 70hrs+ of listening per week (where there are 168hrs in a week). There are phases in my life where certain songs or genres were more prevalent, and this has led to my memories being heavily tied to certain songs. I can hear a song and immediately feel those feelings, I remember what I was going through so vividly. So, I tried to write about this.

Keep in mind, this is a draft so it is still a work in progress. I have only written and timed a few songs, but I still have more to go. Feel free to give me any feedback and stay tuned for the complete version :)

I make a lot of playlists, curated for specific moods of mine, so feel free to check that out here


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AuthorKatie Moses
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love this idea, when the drums in cough syrup synced up with the text i got chills aha. i think my favorite was the greek tragedy one! the prose was really good. my only feedback is i think i scrolled down and saw the "The song is over" and clicked it too soon hehe

ahh thank you!! I'm super glad you liked it. haha yes, tysm for pointing that out! that is a bug I will fix :)