a small interactive poem about the way my brain works. 

by katie moses.


(please play before reading)

explanation: living with mental illness is really hard to describe. in my adult life, i've taken to describing it as my brain being this entirely other entity that i can't control-- because i can't. no matter how many times i want to believe the positive, i tell myself the positive, my brain repeats the negative. until, it seems like its the only option. its never a reflection of other people or my actual work, its just my brain poisoning every single thought that i have. its immensely frustrating to live in a constant uphill battle with your own brain.


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The way you described mental illness (in my own personal opinion as some who too has dealt with it basically my whole life) as a brain being another entity outside your control is really spot on and I think describes it really well. And I liked how this was written in a poem format, it portrayed the feeling of anxiety, stress, and being overwhelmed really well. Really good game on mental illness, thanks for sharing a no doubt personal piece again. :)